I remember

[CN: transphobic slur]

I remember, when I was five, being the only afab kid who didn’t cover their chest when we changed for PE.

I remember knowing that boys and girls were exactly the same, because I was exactly the same as a boy.

I remember my £1 plastic football that popped on a thistle, and my dad buying me a real football.

I remember watching Terry Jones’ The Wind in the Willows, and reserving my admiration for Nicol Williamson (Badger)’s widow’s peak.

I remember being disappointed that my new birthday bike had flowers painted on it when my friend Ben’s bike had jaguar paw-prints.

I remember climbing trees, and building Airfix planes.


Mmm, the smell of Airfix glue. And being too impatient to wait for the glue to dry before adding more parts, and ending up with a wonky plane. Which flew from my bedroom ceiling anyway.

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